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Here on STEREO GUIDE – the online hi-fi-magazine – you will find profound and independent coverage on bluetooth speakers, headphones, home-hifi gear and in-car entertainment reviewed by experienced journalists. Our authors have one thing in common: expertise and a lot of listening experience both in terms of live concerts and state-of-the-art audio systems. 
This enables us to assess sound quality of any type of audio gear such as affordable bluetooth speakers or earphones as well as high end audio, in-car sound systems and home cinema equipment. Our approach to hi-fi: today it is quite possible to get good gear for a decent amount of cash thanks to quickly advancing technology. But there is absolutely no excuse for bad sound. As we are quite experienced with high-end audio we are not going to attribute superlative verdicts such as ´best Bluetooth speaker´ or ´best headphones´ lightly to components bearing substantial compromises.
At STEREO GUIDE, we do our reviewing job according to specific, practical test criteria in a standardized procedure. These have been developed because we know what great sound means and what is really needed for enjoying it at home or on the go, not in a dedicated test facility or lab.