STEREO GUIDE – The Hi-Fi-Magazine

The team behind STEREO GUIDE

On STEREO GUIDE, the HiFi magazine for advice, tests and technology, you will find competent and independent tests for Bluetooth speakers, headphones and car HiFi by experienced, critical journalists. Authors who write for well-known international special interest magazines like AUDIO, stereoplay or LowBeats.

Stefan Schickedanz, STEREO GUIDE

The editor in chief of STEREO GUIDE has been testing for over three decades as a hi-fi expert for print and online magazines such as AUDIO, VIDEO, stereoplay, LowBeats, AllesBeste or the HIFI-IFAs In addition to cultivated music playback, he likes fast cars – gladly also classic cars – with rich sound. He also reports regularly on this topic, not least on this platform.

Andreas Günther, Autor bei STEREO GUIDE

Our author has combined two dream jobs. On the one hand, he is a trained journalist and has added a degree in opera directing on top. Which also means: The man can hear – and always compare the live impression from opera and concert hall with the preserved sound offerings. Audiophile show is nice, but musical truth is far more important.

Dr. Ian Kuah

Dr. Ian Kuah started his working life as an architect with a business diploma. However, his passion for cars led him to alter his career path in 1983 when he began an international career in the automotive industry as a test driver, author and photographer. As a Porsche 911 driver and enthusiast he was one of the original contributors the independent publications 911 & Porsche World and Total 911 in the UK, and Flat 6 in France. He became European Editor of the independent US Porsche magazine Excellence in 1996, and of the UK publication Mercedes Enthusiast in 2001.

Karl von Gagern, Author at STEREO GUIDE.

By far the youngest author in the editorial team of STEREO GUIDE lives the topic of video games and is thus our man for gaming headsets. The son of a sought-after electronics and software author, he created his first YouTube channel and edited his first videos while still in elementary school. The passionate gamer loves to teach himself skills using the Internet. From video editing in Premiere Pro to chess and complex numbers. He recently started his own YouTube channel with video reviews in cooperation with STEREO GUIDE, which we will also include in his reviews in the future.